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Our Focus

Intelivan is the premier organization for solving your sourcing and supply chain challenges. In today’s environment of supply chain uncertainty, organizations cannot afford disruptions. Quality issues, extended lead times, cost-variability and stock outs can lead to devastating consequences for a business. Intelivan is the leader in staying ahead of challenges. Through diligence, robust risk identification and management, end-to-end collaboration, low-cost sourcing, skillful agreements and just plain hard work, Intelivan will help you succeed.

Our Team

Our consultants have years of experience designing, executing and optimizing complex supply chains in a variety of channels and industries including aerospace and defense, consumer electronics, food, retail and pharmaceuticals. With over 75 years of combined experience, our experts offer very practical, low-cost and real life solutions.

Intelivan has partnered with sourcing agents in over 40 countries. Our global experience in sourcing across many industries is sure to compliment your team and build success for your business. Contact us for low-cost sourcing, alternate origins, new product ideas and supplier partnerships.